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Mothers Polishes.Waxes.Cleaners - FX

For An Unreal Finish, Turn On The FX.

Take your detailing from ordinary to extraordinary with Mothers FX®. Engineered to be the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art products available today, Mothers FX® provides an extreme finish for paint, tyres and wheels.

FX SynWax

Designed to give your paint uncompromising protection while providing unequaled shine and ease of use. Our engineered encapsulation process allows for effortless application, so the wax spreads quickly and easily. Removal is a breeze, leaving behind super-tough synthetic polymers that bond to your paint's surface. Mothers FX SynWax advanced technology provides depth, richness and superior protection against harmful UV damage and other environmental threats.Available in 473ml liquid and 311gm paste.

FX Spray Wax

Stock No: 6620224

"Advanced technology designed for today's paints. Simply mist it on clean paint (wet or dry), spread evenly, then buff to a brilliant shine. It's that easy! Thanks to high-tech chemistry, Mothers FX Spray Wax can be used as a booster over your existing wax, as a stand-alone product or to maintain high-use areas of your vehicle. 710ml."

FX Tyre Shine

Stock No: 6620324
"Our exclusive high-gloss, state-of-the-art tyre surface care technology keeps today's sidewalls protected and looking great. Custom-crafted polymers and advanced coating agents bond with the tyre's surface, shielding it from UV oxidation, brake dust and road grime. Mothers FX Tyre Shine gives your tires that ""just dressed"" finish that won't brown or sling. 710ml."

Wheel & Tyre Cleaner

Stock No: 6620524
"Brake dust is a thing of the past with this safe, powerful, fast acting wheel cleaner. Simply spray Mothers FX Wheel Cleaner on a cool, dry wheel, wait a minute, and hose off brake dust and road grime revealing your beautiful rims. Safe for all wheel types including clearcoated, painted, polished and chrome 710ml."


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